2022’s hottest (and coolest) bathroom trends

Get ready for the year of the beautiful bathroom

The New Year brings a whole host of hotly anticipated interior trends, and bathrooms are not neglected. Purely functional bathrooms are so last year. Though still private spaces, homeowners no longer want their bathrooms to be tucked away where no one finds them. Instead, there’s been an uptake in creating aesthetic rooms in the heart of the house, calling out for guests to take a peek.

Don’t you just love visiting a dramatically styled powder room when you’re out for dinner? It creates an experience that you remember when thinking of the venue. Well, now it’s time to bring that feeling into your home.

Here are the trends giving bathrooms the wow factor in 2022.

Trend #1: All-in-one shower and bath

Think wet room but with a dose of boujee

Working with small or awkwardly shaped bathrooms can feel limiting design-wise. But these contemporary all-in-one compartments hosting both a bath and a shower are here to save the day, creating a luxurious setting in even the cosiest of spaces.

Twin shower heads are also having a moment.

Whether you have a family of all different heights or you prefer one head for your body and another for your hair, duo-showers are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. And all-in-one bathrooms aren’t only pleasing on the eye. They’re easy to clean and great for maximising floor space, so get set to see them in many homes next year.

Design tip: choose chrome features to keep the design subtle and further accentuate the sense of space.

Trend #2: Biophilic design

Bringing the outside in

If you’ve ever set foot in an outdoor shower, you’ll understand the freeing feeling it evokes. A biophilic bathroom aims to recreate this al-fresco sensation, reducing stress and encouraging creative thoughts – just like a long walk outside. While few of us likely want to shower under the stars (hello cold and rainy UK winters), there are other ways to merge indoors and outdoors to connect to nature.

Expect to see floor-to-ceiling windows, giving the illusion of bathing in your back garden, as well as the use of organic materials such as stone and wood.

If you choose just one feature for your biophilic bathroom, make it a luxurious waterfall shower. Capturing the feeling of a natural downpour, you’ll start and end your day in the best way possible by experiencing a connection to yourself and nature simultaneously.

Trend #3: Natural greens and earthy terracotta

Colour palettes go from neutral to natural

Next year, we’ll see more homeowners shunning white bathrooms in favor of warmer shades. From earthy sage greens to rich and vibrant emeralds, the demand for green (mainly through tiles, textures and wallpaper) is growing at an increasing rate.

A continuation of the biophilic trend, the addition of green makes a bathroom feel more restorative and creates a natural sense of calm – just what you want after a long day at work. And on the same thread of natural, earthy tones – touches of terracotta will be much more prevalent next year too.

Taking inspiration from your favourite Spanish villa, enjoy unwinding in rustic burnt-orange shades that provide traditional charm with added depth and individuality.

Design tip: contrast warm hues with black taps or basins to add definition in your bathroom.

Trend #4: Mixing metals

If you like doing it with jewellery, you’ll love it in your bathroom

Thought mixing gold and chrome was a design no-no? Think again! In the same way that we’re being encouraged to mix silver necklaces with gold hoop earrings, interior designers are asking us to step outside the box with creative colour pairings – just with faucets and door handles instead! Statement basin mixers are going to be big in 2022, and pairing them with contrasting metals – even the frame of a mirror or the handle on a cabinet – is the easiest way to add a little luxe to your life.

Design tip: warmer, often more unique colour finishes such as gold and copper add visual impact and transform a space from function to indulgent.

Trend #5: Japandi style

Where modern meets minimalism

Japandi interiors take Scandinavian minimalist design and add in the aesthetics of Japanese styling to create calming spaces. So where do you start with this trend?

Clean lines and soft colour palettes are a good go-to, but the addition of elegant features and accessories really bring everything together. When it comes to materials, the Japandi style calls for plenty of texture. Think bamboo and rattan furniture, soft linen textiles, and accessories with natural finishes such as wood and stone to achieve the perfect look.

In summary, if you love elegant but modern designs, this bathroom trend is one you’ll want to try.

#Trend #6: Technology tidal wave

Smarten up your space

If spending blissful evenings in the tub is something you do on the regular, high-tech bathroom features will make the perfect additions to your on-trend bathroom. The ultimate bathroom experience is different for everyone, and smart features offer the chance to customise your space to suit your tastes.

Here are our top 3 picks for smart styling:
1. The Versobox
The latest in thermostatic technology offers a showering experience tailored to you.
2. Smart mirrors
From built-in wireless charging to Bluetooth technology and vibrating speakers, our mirrors combine high end styling with exclusive smart features.
3. Chromotherapy controls
Control the light and colour of your downpour to improve your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Following the latest trends doesn’t always guarantee a timeless look but we see next year’s designs standing the test of time. Which will you introduce to your home?

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