5 bathroom trends you’ll want to splash out on this year

There’s still time to incorporate these themes before you start hosting again!

Trend #1: Sustainable design

It’s exciting to see that more and more people are working to reduce their impact on the environment. The next step is to work sustainability into your home décor, and one way to do this is to install water-efficient bathroom fixtures.

Our innovative shower systems feature the VersoBox, which operates best at a minimum low water pressure of 0.2 bar and has high flow rates of up to an impressive 39.6 litres per minute, providing an enjoyable showering experience every time whilst using water efficiently.

EmporioBagno EcoAir shower options are available for our shower heads and hand showers too. These offer an invigorating, air-infused water experience that has a reduced water flow, allowing you to benefit from up to a 50% reduction in your water consumption!

NC21018 ceiling arm+NC44044 ARIA Round 300 shower head lifestyle 1

Another way to work sustainability into your bathroom is through sustainable construction and design, e.g. sourcing materials locally. Not only does this lower transportation emissions and costs, but using reclaimed materials rather than manufactured also reduces the amount of material required.

Trend #2: Statement pieces

Statement pieces can really elevate the look and feel of a room. These can be in the form of decorative pieces, tiling, furniture or colour. A standout item or detail that catches your attention as you walk into a room is likely to bring you joy and if a trend can do that, why wouldn’t you want to incorporate it?
Take our black brassware for example. Finishing your taps or shower head in bold, black matt, instantly transforms your room into an elegant and contemporary space with fittings that the eye is drawn to when you enter.

12007.79 Tech mono basin mixer matt black lifestyle 1

The great thing about statement pieces is that sometimes you only need one. A single huge mirror, unique light feature or colourful section of tiles and that’s it – statement made!

Trend #3: Natural elements

It’s fair to say that most of us spent much more time at home in 2020 than ever before. That’s why it’s no surprise that incorporating natural, organic elements and bringing the outside into our homes will continue to be a popular choice for this year.

64050.00 LEA mono energy basin mixer chrome lifestyle 1

With natural wood finishes being at the forefront of this trend, light woods are set to be particularly popular in 2021, as Scandinavian design continues to be a firm favourite. Minimalist colours, simple textures and bright spaces will all home your houseplants and natural materials perfectly.

Trend #4: Neutral interiors

We’ve seen a surge in neutral design throughout the last couple of years but 2021 will see that transform into something slightly different, with plenty of character. By grey, think cement. By cool, think industrial. A dark, bold shade of grey or splashes of beige across a cream backdrop can add interest to a room. Neutral can be a warm and welcoming environment when styled in the right way – it’s all in the design!

Trend #5: Modern rustic

Perfect for those who want a modern feel but aren’t willing to say goodbye to their unique, personal items, modern rustic blends old and new to promote comfort in the home. Preserving the original architectural details of a home is key but it’s also possible to create your own character.

Discover reclaimed wood ceiling beams or natural stone walls – the possibilities really are endless with this interior style. Try keeping the space in your bathroom open as it will draw your eyes to the exposed brick, natural wood and unique belongings. We can’t wait to see which trend proves most popular! Which ones will you be working into your home?

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