Design Inspiration

Lake Orta, in Italy’s Piemont region, is a stunning location where water plays a prominent role – verdant mountains rolling effortlessly into mirror-perfect lakes. Its natural beauty inspires creative spirit. Its reputation for style and craft demands design perfection. No surprise then, that it’s the place we call home – the colours and textures of the surrounding landscape influencing the finish of our products.

Four stunning finishes

Understated elegance and effortless style are common across all our products. Available in four distinctive finishes, each one an opportunity to define your own individual taste.

Elle Collection
Matte Black

The ultimate expression of sophistication

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Volante Collection
Inox Steel

A restrained, soft-look brushed steel

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Senso Collection
Brushed Brass

A classic, timeless statement of enduring style

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Pepe Collection
Polished Chrome

This bright, mirror-esque finish takes centre stage

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