How to custom-build the shower of your dreams

Showering shouldn’t just be routine. Why choose practical when you can enjoy luxurious?

Custom showers transform practical bathrooms into stunning spaces, taking showering from an everyday routine to an indulgent experience that you’ll leap out of bed for each morning. After pinning hundreds of images to your “shower renovation” Pinterest board, you may know exactly how you’d like your custom shower to look and feel, but do you know how to create it? Our impressive range of unique mixers, brass finishes and innovative shower heads enable you to piece together the shower of your dreams, one standout element at a time.

Follow the four steps below to find out how to build your perfect custom shower.

Step 1: Consider your shower space

When customising your shower, it’s important to start by carefully considering your space.
If you have room for a walk-in shower, a ceiling-mounted shower head can provide the wow factor you’re looking for whilst actually creating space through simplicity. For smaller bathrooms, wall-mounted shower heads can be ideal for flexibility.

The shower enclosure you need will depend on who will be using your shower. Does it need to be easy to get in and out of? Does it need to be within reach of little ones? We have options for every scenario.
Once you’ve had a good look at the space you’re working with, it will become much easier to envision all of the beautiful fittings you’re going to fill it with!


Step 2: Think about your theme

Would you like your bathroom to be in keeping with the style of the rest of your home or do you want it to be a complete contrast, guiding you and your guests into a whole new space and experience? A custom shower is the perfect way to create a room that’s designed to be an escape, whether for invigoration or pure relaxation – so have a good think about the kind of vibe you want.

There are no rules when it comes to bathroom themes. If you long for bright, colourful wallpaper, go for it! But if you do take the statement décor route, consider keeping your shower fittings minimalist to provide contrast. Chrome finishes are a great option. However, if you’d like your shower fittings and accessories to get all the attention, eye-catching designs and bold colour finishes will work wonders.


Step 3: Select your fittings

The theme of your bathroom will really come together through your tap and shower fittings. Shower valves, taps and accessories can all be matched to your shower head. The look of your fittings will express your style, whilst innovative water pressure and temperature controls will create a personalised showering experience through customisable settings. If you’re looking for simple, versatile designs that allow you to play with colours and details, browse our Pepe collection, which has a range of subtle, customisable options.

If you’d like to add more detail and character to your room, take a look at our Taya range, which boasts elegant design and intricate detailing. Such designs will create the most luxurious feel, especially when paired with matching accessories such as soap dispensers and towel rails. Once you’ve chosen a design, select your favourite brassware colour to add the finishing touches and bring the whole aesthetic of your shower together.

Our finishes include; chrome, inox, matt black and brushed gold. Adding a bold colour finish such as matt black to your shower will add a design statement, whilst chrome or inox are perfect for a more traditional bathroom setting.


Step 4: Choose your shower head

EmporioBagno showers are designed to be visually stunning and feel luxurious. Designed and made in Italy, our shower heads range from built-in body jets to large, statement squares, mounted flush to the ceiling. We offer a variety of shapes and styles with matching fittings and accessories to help you achieve a seamless look.
Whilst choosing a shower head may be the last step in your shower’s transformation, it’s one of the most important choices you’ll make. The decision isn’t as simple as built-in vs. arm fixture; it’s water-saving EcoAir vs. light-balancing chromotherapy, mounted on your ceiling vs. mounted on your wall. It needn’t be overwhelming though! In fact, the overall experience you’re looking for will sway your decision rather quickly. Not sure which shower head will create your desired experience? We can help.

Take our Capri built-in shower head, for example. The wide design of the head creates an immersive, gentle downpour. In contrast, the smaller head of our Copernico 200 provides more direct and powerful rainfall, which is invigorating for the body. If you prefer more movement in your shower, you could opt for a shower kit, complete with hand shower, sliding rail and shower hose. These are also a great choice for families who need versatility for young children (on those dreaded hair wash days!).

Looking for the complete shower experience? A chromotherapy shower is likely to be the design for you. Incorporating rain, mist and cascade settings, our healing chromotherapy products feature a multi-coloured light system that directs colours into the stream of water to promote mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. The majority of our chromotherapy designs are made to be mounted flush to the ceiling, making them ideal for walk-in showers.
All our shower heads are expertly designed with the highest quality materials. They are anti-limescale, prevent leakage and include a patented cartridge system, meaning whilst trends may come and go, your shower will stand the test of time.

There are many things to consider when creating a custom shower, but at EmporioBagno, we’ll work with you closely to help make your bathroom vision a reality. If you’d like to know more about our shower collections or to chat through your ideas, please get in touch or browse our full catalogue.

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