Only ever Italian made

EmporioBagno is proudly Italian. All our products are designed and manufactured in the Lake Orta District, a region in northwest Italy famous throughout the world for exceptional brassware. It means that our taps, showers and fixtures are made with an unrivalled passion for perfection.

Natural born design and craft

We carefully select designers, craftsmen and women who feel compelled to do justice to our landscape. Nothing short of perfection will do. Lake Orta also fuels our innovation, compelling us to protect its natural resource. Our air-infused, Venturi effect EcoAir showers not only provide an indulgent sensory experience but also save water, reducing usage by up to half.

Made in Italy means

Quality, Innovation & Design.

Exceptional craftsmanship

Our uncompromising attention to detail is legendary. It means we only work with the most skilled designers, craftsmen and manufacturers.

Made to the
highest standard

We carefully curate collections using the best materials which ensure the quality of our products match the highest international standards and deliver an exceptional finish.

We work with an extensive range of retailers throughout the UK. To buy our products or to find out more, contact anyone of our friendly, professional retail partners.

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