Shower in Chromotherapy colour

How cascades of colour are turning mundane showers into mood-boosting light shows.

What is chromotherapy?

Chromotherapy shower heads use light and colour to promote mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Exposure to the light and colours that we mainly receive from the sun can strongly influence the way we feel in our mind and body.

Our internal light balance is easily affected by stress in our daily routines, which can lead to problems with our physical and mental health.

Offering the very best in authentic Italian design and using the latest in leading technology, our healing chromotherapy products feature a multi-coloured system that directs coloured light into the stream of water.

Experts have found that exposing yourself to the colours of a chromotherapy shower each day can stimulate the senses, help your body reach its natural light balance, and in turn, promote your overall wellbeing.

What colours do I use?

Each colour of the chromotherapy shower head provides different benefits and has positive effects on the body’s physiology.

For example, you can shower under green light if you’re in need of some calming moments and time with your own thoughts, or opt for white before a big day at work, when your energy levels need to be at their highest. Here are just some of the ways in which each colour is beneficial:

• White is revitalising, increasing energy and vitality
• Cyan has soothing qualities, releasing tension and restoring the body
• Mauve has meditative qualities, calming the nervous system and relaxing your muscles

• Magenta lowers anxiety and increases energy levels
• Blue is purifying, reducing stress and lowering blood pressure
• Red stimulates the senses, regulating vitality and strengthening the immune system

• Orange enhances your mood whilst releasing tension and relieving tiredness
• Yellow provides energy, strengthening the mind, body and concentration
• Green is restorative and regenerative, providing relaxation and calmness

Design and style

As with all of our products, the chromotherapy range is expertly designed with high quality materials and luxury finishes. All chromotherapy showers have a 0.5 bar minimum and the majority of our designs are made to be mounted flush to the ceiling, creating a sleek look and fully immersive experience. Choose from 1-4 outlets including rain, mist and cascade settings, and enjoy having complete control over the experience you create. Our built-in dual or triple flow shower heads offer multiple water settings that allow your showering experience to be tailored to your exact needs.

In addition to all of the physical and emotional benefits that come with a chromotherapy showering experience, the downpour of illuminated water is visually stunning too. The multiple light settings mean you can choose to create an invigorating, stimulating start to your day or a cosy, relaxing end to your evening – and you can certainly enjoy multiple colours in one shower too! Colours can be selected at the touch of a button as all chromotherapy showers come with a remote control that you can use to change the colours and benefit from the full range as you shower.

The various colour finishes available for our shower heads allow them to blend seamlessly into your bathroom’s design. Our finishes include: understated stainless steel, statement black matt and luxurious brushed gold. Colour finishes are also available for our matching shower accessories, meaning your style can be continued into the rest of the room.

We know that busy routines and day-to-day life mean that physical and emotional wellbeing can often get overlooked. Our chromotherapy products are an easy way of improving your wellbeing on a daily basis, without having to put any extra time aside – but you might just find yourself taking a little longer in the shower anyway!


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