Smart Water

Smart Water

EmporioBagno EcoAir showers offer the pleasure of an air infused water experience with the bonus of reduced water consumption. EcoAir options are available for hand showers. The air infused water creates a soft invigorating rain for everyday showering that takes on a level of indulgent luxury.

Water Indulgence

Indulge further with a chromotherapy shower head which uses light and colour to promote mental, emotional and physical wellbeing – Colours can be selected at the touch of a button as all chromotherapy showers have a handy remote control.

Water Saving

Every EmporioBagno EcoAir product has a water inlet and an air intake. As the water passes through a restricted inlet, water pressure increases which in turn sucks the air up through the air intake. This is known as the Venturi effect. Water and air pass into a low pressure mixing chamber where the increased water pressure sucks air into its flow.

The reduced water flow as a result of the Venturi effect, means that you can benefit from up to a 50% reduction in your water consumption.

Shower to Stimulate

Try a dual or triple flow shower with multiple water settings for a showering experience that meets your needs. Feel free to customise your showering experience – enjoy an invigorating rain, cocoon yourself in a cosy mist or soothe away the cares of the day under a cascade!

Shower Features

  • Anti-Limescale
  • Patented Cartridge System
  • Prevents Leakage

Low Pressure,
High Performance

These high performance showerheads offer 17 litres per minute at 0.5 bar water pressure! Such as our Vista NC44021 200mm ABS Shower Head and Casella NC44015 200mm ABS Shower Head.

Showers Alla Moda!

EmporioBagno showers are designed to look and feel luxurious. Designed and made in Italy, showers range from specialised ABS chrome showerheads to statement mirrored steel options mounted flush to ceiling. Shower options take you from everyday simplicity to showering chic. Showerheads and hand showers are available in a wide range of shapes and styles to create your perfect designer bathroom. Look for matching items to achieve a coordinated look.

Mixing style with technology

Our High Flow Thermostatic Mixers, combine the latest water mixing and heating technology with the most exciting finishes and style to fit your design requirements and layout.

Exclusive Versobox
Mixer Systems

Versobox thermostatic mixers combine stunning Italian design and outstanding product performance for a safe and pleasurable showering or bathing experience. Setting the temperature of the water with a thermostatic mixer avoids the possibility of scalding and ensures that you have a temperature tailored for your personal comfort. A constant set temperature provides comfort and safety for the family and this is an important consideration for children and elderly members of the family.

Maximum Performance, Minimal Design

VersoBox is a solid brass valve within an easy to install watertight box. Not only does the install box ensure a watertight install, the clear plastic front cover protects during any plastering or wall finishing. We also supply a Tanking membrane normally used only in wet room applications. The shallow depth of 70–90mm can be used in any type of wall, and ensures an accurate tiled finish. Shower valves will perform at a low minimum pressure of 0.2 bar with high flow rates for an enjoyable water experience. Trim sets are solid brass with the option of Chrome, Inox, Copper or Gold finishes to coordinate with your chosen brassware colour scheme. Shower mixers are available with 1, 2, 3 or 4 exits with vertical or horizontal plates.

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