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We embrace innovation, using it to improve our customers’ experience and reduce our environmental impact.

Smart Water

EmporioBagno EcoAir showers.

Our EcoAir showers combine the pleasure of air infused water and the bonus of reduced water consumption. As the water passes through a restricted inlet, pressure increases, which in turn sucks air through an intake. Water and air pass into a low-pressure mixing chamber where the increased water pressure sucks air into its flow. It requires less water and typically reduces consumption by 50%.

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Water: the ultimate indulgent luxury

The air infused water takes everyday bathing to the next level of indulgent luxury. Enjoy an invigorating rain, cocoon yourself in a cosy mist or soothe away the cares of the day under a cascade. And that’s just the beginning. You can indulge your sense further with a chromotherapy shower head that uses light and colour to promote mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

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Smart Mirrors

Look smarter

EmporioBagno mirrors and cabinets combine high end styling and the latest technology to provide life-enhancing experiences.

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Brighter mirrors that reflect a modern lifestyle

Hidden buttons control LED light settings, while wireless phone features include battery charging and Blue-Vibe Bluetooth.

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Smart Mixers

Mixing style with technology

Our High Flow Thermostatic Mixers, combine the latest water mixing and heating technology with the most exciting finishes and style to fit your design requirements and layout.

Putting you
in control

Our controls provide you with the simplicity of manual use through to more sophisticated push button control which can be incorporated in many ways to suit your design requirements.

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