Switched-on to the wonders of smart mirrors?

How secret features and handy extras give your bathroom mirror a boost.

Smart mirrors and cabinets take your bathroom from a purely functional space to a personal sanctuary. From integrated shaver sockets to built-in Bluetooth speakers, our innovative designs aim to simplify your daily routine and elevate your bathroom’s style.

Here are 5 of our favourite smart mirror features.

Bluetooth in the bathroom

We all love to sing in the shower – don’t deny it! Well, with built in Bluetooth and vibrating speakers, you can sing along to the classics as you scrub or unwind with your relaxation playlist as you bathe.

Music helps set the scene in your sanctuary, so adding it to your everyday routine will make it even more enjoyable.

Switch to sensors

Touching electrics or switches is the last thing you want to do when you’re fresh out the bath or shower.
Our selection of mirrors and cabinets have built-in infrared sensors allowing you to turn lights on and off by simply waving your hand in front of the sensor. You’ll never be fumbling for the light switch in the dark again!
No plug? No problem!
The bathroom is often the room where there’s nowhere to charge your phone.
But with our wireless charging mirrors, you can place your device on top of the built-in charging pad to ensure you’re always fully charged before a night out.

Set the scene with LED lighting

Ambient lighting enables you to see yourself in a better light. Whether you’re applying makeup or shaving when it’s still dark outside, an LED magnifying mirror is the best way to step up your beauty regime.

LED mirrors also help to create a calming atmosphere. So run a bath, switch off the main lights and soak in softer lighting.

Our mirrors and cabinets are expertly designed with LED technology to offer high performance whilst having the lowest possible energy consumption. LED bulbs also last a lot longer than regular bulbs (and are safer too!)

Always have a clear view

Do you step out of the shower to a misty mirror? Our demister function prevents this, allowing you to get on with your beauty routine straight away.
The function heats the back of the mirror (to a temperature higher than that of your bathroom) to prevent condensation from building up, meaning it’s always clear and ready to use.

With a range of designs to choose from, there’s a mirror reflect every interior style.
Is modern minimalism your style? The Gamma mirror would likely fit perfectly into your simple-but-chic bathroom. If you’re more interested in making a statement, our Moondust cabinet takes all the attention.
Many of our designs can be hung either vertically and horizontally, giving you more choice when it comes to both your style and your space.

Now you know about our smart features, how many of them would you like to add to your bathroom? We have a feeling that the most popular answer will be “all of them”.

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